Recently Published Missouri Informal Advisory Opinions: 2011-2014

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Informal advisory opinions are issued by the Legal Ethics Counsel pursuant to Missouri Supreme Court Rule 5.30. The Legal Ethics Counsel issues opinions to members of the bar about Rules 4, 5 and 6 for prospective guidance about an attorney’s own conduct involving an existing set of facts. Informal advisory opinions will not be issued about past conduct, hypothetical scenarios, or the conduct of an attorney other than the one asking for the opinion.

Written summaries of select informal opinions are published for informational purposes as determined by the Advisory Committee. Informal opinion summaries are advisory in nature and are not binding. The first four digits of the opinion summary number indicate the year the opinion was issued. The full text of attorneys’ requests and the Legal Ethics Counsel’s responses are confidential.

For a link to a searchable database published by The Missouri Bar and information about requesting an informal opinion, go to:, click “For Lawyers,” and choose “Informal Advisory Opinions,” or visit The Missouri Bar’s website directly at, click “Lawyer Resources,” choose “Ethics and Professionalism,” and then select “Informal Advisory Opinions.”